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We are now accepting applications for the following positions:

Affiliates/PR Admin
:bulletblack: Responsible for keeping up-to-date with our affiliates and their activities, networking with other lit groups/events, coming up with contests, group activities, and anything else that might highlight lacoterie and our purpose. (See la coterie definition.)

Positions Filled: 0 of 2

Pay It Forward Admin
:bulletblack: Responsible for scouring dA galleries to find deviations with very few comments and favourites (less than 10, approximately) that deserve greater recognition. This can either be exceptionally written work that is just not getting noticed, or work that shows the potential to be exceptional with a little constructive feedback. Essentially, these people are going to be talent spotters. The execution may not be perfect, but that's what critiques are for, and that's what we're about here.
:bulletblack: Add deviations to the Pay It Forward folder, as well as providing the initial critique on the deviation (with group icon including in critique).
:bulletblack: Monitor deviations in PIF folder to ensure group members are following guidelines (All members are required to critique at least 1 deviation in the 'Pay It Forward' folder per month.) See Rules for more info.
:bulletblack: Create a monthly journal/article feature for that month's PIF submissions, with brief descriptions on the deviations featured.

Positions Filled: 2 of 4

Crit Team
:bulletblack: Responsible for providing critiques for all deviations in the 'Critique Me' folder.
:bulletblack: Monitoring and maintaining the 'Critique Me' folder; ensuring that members follow guidelines outlined in Rules. (For every deviation you submit to this folder, you must provide 1 critique for another member; you may only submit one deviation to this folder per month.)
:bulletblack: Monitor 'Featured' folder to ensure each member is providing the required 3 critiques/month.

Positions Filled: 0 of 4

NB It is not necessary to have a premium membership for the positions that require a critique. It's just as easy to post a critique through a comment as through dA's critique system (though do try to stick to the same guidelines).

How To Apply

:bulletblack: Send a note to the group with the subject 'Application for [position name]'.
:bulletblack: Copy & paste the application into the body (please do fill it out before you send it).


NB Any application that is not completed entirely will be ignored.

Experience related to position:
TWO examples of critiques/feedback given (please provide links):
ONE example of your best writing with commentary (please provide links):
ONE example of your worst writing with commentary (please provide links):
What interests you about this position?
What distinguishes you from the other applicants?

**Commentary should be a brief (about 50 words, give or take) assessment of the piece's strengths/weaknesses and why you feel it represents your best/worst work.

Any questions/comments/etc. regarding the positions and application process should be addressed to angeljunkie.
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Submitted on
April 26, 2011