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Before we get down to business, I (AzizrianDaoXrak) would just like to say HI AND HELLO THERE! I'm so pleased to be a new admin here and I'm super excited about the prompts! Feel free to come to me if you need a question answered or need help whoring out your artwork ;D I do a feature every Friday and am always looking for lovely pieces to showcase!

:bulletblue: Prompt responses will be accepted from November 1 - November 25. After which, your doting admin team with rummage through them and select one to be featured for the month of December.

:bulletblue: Critiques will be accepted over the same period (November 1 - 25), and we'll also select the best critique to feature as well.

Now, the rules:


:bulletblue: open to members and non-members
:bulletblue: must adhere to group submission guidelines
          + group icon and prompt included in description
          + a link to a recent critique you've done on something in the group gallery must be included

Responses will be evaluated on technique, creativity and originality.


:bulletblue: Note the group with a link to your critique.
:bulletblue: Must be on something from the group gallery.
:bulletblue: Must be done between November 1 - 25
:bulletblue: Must be at least 100 words.
:bulletblue: Include the group icon in your critique.

You can also nominate someone else's critique on one of your pieces. Please also include what you found helpful about the critique in this case.



Here are some things we've found that need some love:

run, jump, fallif you're looking for me
you'll find me in the jellyfish sea
i'll be waiting for your sea-salt lips
to claim me and your purple-pruned fingers to
wrap themselves around me and take me far,
far away
we'll do a running start and take a leap of
faith off the edge of the earth and
reach up to kiss the stars -
spreadeagled, handheld in the sky
and sprout wings to tickle our faces as they
beat by our sides, and
we are euphoric,
  goosebumps in the grass.
(if anyone's looking for me,
 tell them i'll be making love in the jellyfish sea)
because you have given me no
more than spools to shape my ceramic 
bones and flesh for the hollow of my soul.
i have no eyes, still with you
you do not lead me blind and 
my fingers have not felt a thing
it was never meant to; even with you
i can feel the 
cardboard press of your chest
and the thread of your arm
wrap me into chrysalis,
keep me from the violent
thumb of the universe, all
the things i was meant to
i do not have a mind nor thoughts
to fill it and yet you continue to fill 
me with the toxic waste you think 
best, and tell me there
isn't a thing better i would 
want to know other than
the color of the vulture-spike
crammed into the column of
your back;
that being a complex substance
in which origins and understandings 
are found in the breaking of pieces
into smaller and
smaller again
is a curse and a sin; it is better that
i am what i am, exactly what 
you'd w

outgrowing gillssea-cradled urchin 
child has a salty heart yearnin'
for a glimpse of mother moon
tiny spiked wunderkind
punk, studded belt
you know life's answers well
shuffling through the seaweed-less halls
missing the ocean swell
tidal waves foaming at the mouth
everyone is laughing now
at the boy born on a boat one sunny afternoon
cause mama loved the sea like lovers love the sheets
landlocked kid is homesick and
sea sure, he's searching for the sea shore 
life's a blur for Davy Jones at his locker
capsized by sea-legs on solid ground, he finds his seizures
and he hates his earth mother
he hates her
for falling for the ocean and 
how he's rocked by the moon
how he's mesmerized by her glow
her pull on his sea-conceived cells
he hates her too
for the puking in the stalls
for the ridicule
You give me chills by nihilicaSalt Girl by Til-Til
Small world by maxdanger2Jessica XXXVIII by XceteraFire with Ice Coating by juhhmi

Option A
Leave a critique/helpful comment on one of these pieces (or one of the others in our Pay It Forward gallery), then note the group with a link to your comment.

Option B
Find a deviation that could use a little more attention and send a link to it to the group via note.

:bulletblue: critiques should include group icon
:bulletblue: each critique and PIF suggestion count as one entry into the PIF RAFFLE (more on that in a minute)
:bulletblue: you must leave a critique on your suggestion (so Option B actually gets you 2 entries)
:bulletblue: critiques must be done between September 1 - 31
:bulletblue: PIF suggestions should have no more than 10 unique commetns (threads/thank yous don't count)
:bulletblue: suggestions can be any form of art - not just literature
:bulletblue: you may (and are greatly encouraged) to enter as many times as you wish (more entries = more chances to win!)



:bulletblue: include prompt, group icon, and link to a recent critique in your description
:bulletblue: members submit to featured folder; non-members submit to group favorites
:bulletblue: Deadline is November 25th


As an IT guy, I can check my work's security cameras from home. I just saw a pair of small red lights moving around in one of our old clean rooms.
Our feed is in black and white.

:bulletblue: In less than 1500 words, write the rest of the story.


:bulletblue: In celebration of the harvest: in less than 60 lines, write a love letter (as a poem) that is either to or from a scarecrow.




If you're participating in NaNo, be sure to check out the NaNoWriMo Chat Schedule.

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Love dA Lit has just published its 100th Issue!

If you're interested in possibly writing a ghost story as part of the prompt this month, consider reading this forum on what makes a good ghost story.

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Interested in getting into the Christmas spirit? Consider entering the Secret Santa Short Fiction Contest.

TwilightPoetess is hosting a Secret Santa project for Christmas this year!  Go read this journal-- Secret Santa Project --for information on signing up!
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